Deadly Rooms of Death

I would like to make you aware that Deadly Rooms of Death is the best video game there is. It is also the most difficult puzzle game I have ever seen. Most games I like have inspired me to take out a pencil and paper, or a calculator, or a spreadsheet to analyze them in one way or another. DROD has done this many times. However, for DROD, I have had to do actual math (e.g. “Oh, I can prove it is possible to solve a general puzzle of this form if and only if this graph I can draw quickly by looking at the puzzle has a perfect matching,” and then I actually use that fact when solving more difficult puzzles.) In addition to stimulating the mathematician in me, this game has also stimulated the scientist in me. I have had to make predictions about how the game works, and run experiments to test those predictions. The game is 100% puzzle game, it is completely deterministic, and there is no need for any quick reflexes.

Here is an article from the Mathematical Association of America about how amazing DROD is.

There are currently 5 DROD games out, as well as 13 official DLC holds, and lots of user made holds. The sixth and final game is due to come out this year. You should start by playing King Dugan’s Dungeon. There are five ways to do this:

1) (Recommended) You can buy it for 10 dollars here, and it comes with the 2nd and 3rd game in the series. (You will probably want to buy the 2nd and 3rd game later anyway, and you can’t beat this price.)

2) You can buy it for 10 dollars here. It comes with a DLC pack and a month of Caravel membership.

3) You can download the demo for Journey to the Rooted Hold, here, download the level pack for Architects’ Edition here, import the level pack, and play play for free. (Architects’ Edition is the old, and now free version that was improved into King Dugan’s Dungeon. You will miss out on most of the hardest secret rooms this way.)

4) You can play the Flash remake of the first part of King Dugan’s Dungeon here. (Only choose this if you are not sure if you want to play DROD yet. If you choose this, and want to continue playing, you will end up having to repeat a lot of puzzles you have already solved, and might see some hints that spoil some of the fun.)

5) If you know me personally, you can ask me for it. I bought extra copies of the game when it was on sale. I am willing to trade them for your agreement to keep me updated on your progress, because I love talking about DROD.


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